Little bamboo toothbrushes,

doing big things across Australia.

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We’re a Melbourne based social enterprise that takes little things, like eco-friendly toothbrushes, and uses them to do great big things, like funding health and hygiene programs in remote Indigenous communities around Australia.

Supports people. Supports the planet.

Because health and hygiene is a basic human right.

Every big little brush you buy helps to fund health and hygiene education and programs in remote Communities. 

Research suggests that improving the oral health of the most vulnerable communities in the world could have a significant positive impact on the overall potential of their nations.

Together we can help prevent dental issues before they even occur.

100% biodegradable and sustainable

Bamboo handle and nylon 4 bristles. Zero plastic in our packaging

Follow the big little story

Check out the journey so far. Get the behind the scenes look at our manufacturing processes, and the programs we support.

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