Bamboo undies: why is bamboo a thing?

by Ash Ball

How comfy are your new bamboo undies? Okay, so maybe you haven’t gotten around to switching your tighty whities for the bamboo alternative just yet. But with bamboo toothbrushes, bamboo towels, and bamboo toilet paper on our supermarket shelves maybe it’s only a matter of time?



Pair of underwear with the Big Little Brush logo on them 

Why is the world turning to bamboo?

It’s fairly safe to say that we’ve caused some serious planet earth problems right now, from the endangerment of habitat (not good), bushfires (also not good) and the big CC (climate change, definitely no good). We’re hearing more words like this everyday, all across the world. They’re not the only words added to our daily vocabulary though, we’re using a lot more of these words: bamboo, zero waste and eco-friendly. We think that’s for good reason too, because they are taking care of the good stuff.

So why is bamboo more ethical or eco-friendly?

Bamboo means no forests were harmed in the making of this toothbrush 

And you know what really sucks… deforestation? 

Here’s some quick facts about bamboo:

  • It’s actually a grass
  • It grows to full size in five years 
  • You just cut it from the bottom and it keeps growing back 


It really is the gift that keeps on giving. Unlike trees, bamboo can stay in the ground, be harvested from the base and it will keep growing back year after year. Our forests are pretty old and wise. They grow for hundreds of years, giving places for animals to hang out and doing a pretty good job at keeping CO2 in the ground. So bamboo reduces the need to cut down these wise guys. 


Bamboo means more worms can party

Organic farmers often say “you should treat the soil as the living thing, not the plant.” Let’s face it, the soil is where all the magic happens. There’s microbes, fungus and a bunch of worms having a party under there. If soil is damaged by pollution, disruption or poor farming practices, the soil life dies. The worm party is over. What’s the solution? You guessed it... bamboo undies (well, just the bamboo part more specifically). It can not only grow and thrive in poor soil conditions, it will drop its nutrient-rich leaves which brings the soil back to life.


Bamboo means you can breathe

We mentioned it before but plants put in the big effort of taking our CO2, processing it into Oxygen(yuss photosynthesis!!) and smooshing the carbon back into the soil. Something you may not know, is that bamboo does it four times more effectively than hardwood trees.



Did we convince you to buy some of those undies yet? At least now we’ve ranted about our favourite grass, you can understand why we are going with the trend and making our toothbrushes out of bamboo too.